KC training manual

We worked with the International HIV/AIDS Alliance to produce this comprehensive 92 page document, a guide to reporting on the work of the Alliance, from photojournalism to social media.


Brand guidelines

We have just finished working on the updated brand guidelines for the Alliance. The logo itself underwent a redesign process which was part of rethinking how the charity was perceived, their mission and how they are aiming to achieve their goals. As part of the rebrand, we also created a set of publication templates which simplified and streamlined the internal design process as a whole.



Progression developed an infographic for the Alliance’s ‘blueprint for UK action on AIDS’ programme. The infographic was featured full-page in The Times newspaper and continues to be used all over the world.


Annual Review

We worked with the Alliance to redesign, print and distribute their Annual Review. The design sits within their current guidelines and includes several infographics that represent the charities’ achievements over the last year.