Angel Central relaunch

We have just finished the rebranding of Angel Central – the new name for the N1 shopping centre in Islington. Taking the letter ‘A’ from the new name and giving it a physical presence, it creates a way of placing relevant imagery around it to get across any given message. The ‘A’ is also a representation of the shopping centre and is seen to be in the middle of all the activity and local, therefore creating the feeling of being central and at the heart of Angel.


N1 window vinyls

Progression were asked to create some vibrant, eye-catching window vinyls to temporarily cover a unit at the N1 Shopping Centre in Angel Islington. The result was a series of brightly coloured, photo-led graphics, each focussing on a specific offering at the centre.


The Heart Kids Club

We created the new ‘face’ of the Kids Club at The Heart Shopping centre. Over the last year, we’ve given him a few tweaks here and there to fit in with the various children’s events such as the science day, halloween and the farmer’s market.


The Heart Shopping Centre marketing

We worked with The Heart Shopping Centre in Walton-on-Thames to revitalise and refresh their marketing campaigns. After a few stages in concept and development, the idea of a ‘shop window’ creative was chosen. We have developed this design to work across all of their marketing and events throughout each year.